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Fueling R&D is our Passion

We have a thing for researching the novel areas of technology that revolve around the lives of the people. We pride ourselves on our dedicated team who is very innovative and the usage of research to fuel people’s lives for the better. We love to innovate and experiment so that we can get the best out of technology solutions.

Areas of Research

Energize your operations with wireless power.

Optical Wireless

Optical wireless communication networks have advantages over RF/ Microwave communication networks in terms of network bandwidths and speed, low latency, free spectrum worldwide, secure and radiation free transmission.

Optical Wireless

Charging your laptop without using chargers while sitting in the room while you eat and watch your favourite movie on it sounds like a dream, right? We present to you the optical wireless electricity which has the potential...

Healthcare Monitoring

We, being the pioneers of change in the industry, are proud to present the healthcare monitoring systems that can revolutionise the way our healthcare industry functions. Our specialised healthcare monitoring systems...

How does wireless communication work?

Wireless communication starts with Input signal from the tower which is received by a modulator which then travels into the laser driver.

The laser driver then sends them through laser source which in turn transfers them to the transmit optics and reaches the channel.

The channel sends the signal through the Receive Optics which allows them through Photodetectors.

Photodetectors make sure the signals pass through Amplifier and ultimately through Demodulator which gives Output Signal on your device thereby giving you internet on the same.

Not just light,
its magic in disguise!

Optical Wireless Communication Technology has made it possible to transform light into magic, a magic that allows you to use optical light and data simultaneously. This has transformed the lives of thousands of people in India. It is hassle free and allows you to utilise the existing infrastructure. Reduced costs, high speed data, easy installation are just some of the many perks that this technology offers.

Featured in

Optical Camera Communication integrated with AI

Optical Camera Communication is a part of Optical Wireless Communication. A visible light communication system employing the use of a camera for its functioning is known as Optical Camera Communication. OCC is a great tool in rolling out the 5G technology. It can receive the data from the LED through image sensors and help in propagation of optical wireless communication

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